Keeping Gophers and Other Rodents Out of Your Yard

Anita Ginsburg
2 min readJan 25, 2022

Gophers and other rodents can quickly destroy your property and landscaping. Also, while gophers and moles live outside in tunnels, other rodents like rats and mice eventually get inside your home. Because of this, the first line of home defense against rodents begins outdoors. Fortunately, there are natural, non-toxic ways to keep these pests away from your property.

Plant Gopher and Rodent Repelling Plants

Gophers will not eat onions and garlic. If gophers are a problem in your vegetable garden, try planting onions and garlic between your other plants. As a bonus, onions and garlic also repel insects such as aphids.

Gophers also won’t eat daffodils, lavender, rosemary, marigolds, salvia, catmint, or crown imperial lilies. These are not only attractive landscaping plants but also repel rats, mice, and insects, including mosquitoes. These fresh-smelling plants can also be brought inside in flower arrangements.

Let Your Cat or Dog Outside

If it’s safe to let your cat out into the yard to hunt, that’s one way to keep rodents away. The presence of a predator, including cats and dogs, can make rodents leave for a safer place. While cats and dogs are sweet, loving pets, they are also natural predators of small animals. Not every cat or dog will hunt. But, if your pet has a strong prey drive, it can be used to drive rodents off your property.

Rodent Exclusion and Gopher Barriers

You can plant new shrubs, trees, and other plants in gopher baskets. These will keep gophers and moles from eating the roots while allowing roots to grow and spread. You can also bury wire mesh one to two feet under your vegetable garden.

Wire mesh is also useful for keeping rats and mice out of your home. Place sturdy wire mesh over vents and any other opening that rodents could enter through. This includes roof vents. Also, caulk around pipes that enter your home. Rats and mice can squeeze through very small gaps. A pest control company can help you with rodent exclusion.

Call a Pest Control Professional

If the above do-it-yourself methods fail, a pest control company can set outdoor traps and bait stations. Trapping gophers is something of an art, and you may need a professional who understands gopher behavior. Likewise, they can set outdoor traps or bait stations for rats and mice.

Gophers and other rodents can become a big problem. But, with some planning, they can be repelled or removed safely from your property.



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