The Grass Is Greener: How to Make Your Landscaping Business More Sustainable

Anita Ginsburg
2 min readJan 14, 2022

Creating a greener and more sustainable landscaping business is not only socially responsible, it’s also profitable. This is because what was once considered waste can be either recycled, reused, or sold. The following are just a few ideas to not only make your landscaping business more sustainable, but also more profitable.

Offer Clients Native Plants

Native plants require less water, fewer pesticides, and fertilizers compared to typical landscaping plants. They’ll thrive naturally with less care. Not only that, planting native plants helps to preserve your region’s natural biodiversity. Native plants naturally attract more birds and pollinating insects. A native landscape also attracts curiosity, ultimately educating the public about the region’s native flora.

Compost Yard Waste

Grass clippings and leaves can be composted into a natural fertilizer. While composting takes work, it can be used to fertilize your client’s landscaping. This is a win-win for both you and your clients. You’ll save money and they’ll get organic, non-toxic fertilizers on their property. It’s also good for the environment since nitrates won’t be running off into streams, rivers, lakes, or groundwater.

Get a Grinder Machine

A grinder machine is an investment, but it will pay off in several ways. This large machine can grind up large branches and even tree trunks in several particle sizes. You can make mulch to use for your landscaping business as well as to sell. A grinder machine can also process wood waste into animal bedding or boiler fuel. You’ll be able to recycle all types of wood into valuable products to use in your business or to sell. You could even create a side business, such as selling a service to grind up wood construction waste. You can click here for more information about grinder machines.

Transition to Electric Mowers and Tools

California recently passed AB 1346, which bans gas-powered landscaping tools as of July 2022. Even if your business is not in California, this type of legislation could be coming your way. Switching to electric mowers, leaf blowers, and edgers now is a smart move. You could even use solar power to recharge the batteries on these tools. Electric landscaping tools also produce less noise pollution, which neighbors will appreciate.

Offer Your Customers Beneficial Insects

Beneficial insects like ladybugs and praying mantis are a natural way to keep aphids and other garden pests under control. There are many different beneficial insects that operate in different parts of the garden. Educating yourself and your clients about beneficial insects reduces the need for harmful pesticides.

These are just a few suggestions to make your landscaping business greener. Once you get started, you’ll surely think of more ways to create a sustainable business.



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