Through the Roof: 5 Signs That Your Roof Is Compromised

Anita Ginsburg
3 min readOct 16, 2021

The roof over our heads might be the most important part of our home. But it is often the most neglected part of the house. This can be dangerous because putting off minor roof repairs can lead to big problems later. There are signs you can look for that will show you if your roof is compromised.

Damaged Shingles

The shingles protect the roof and the entire home from water. Hail and wind are the two biggest threats to shingles. Look for shingle granules on the ground near the downspout. If you see a large number of granules, it could mean that there has been damage to the shingles.

You should also look for dents, creases, and cracked shingles. Creases in the shingles mean that their water-shedding ability has been compromised. Any missing shingles should be replaced right away.

Damage to the Flashing

Roof flashing is the metal installed around chimneys, skylights, walls, vent pipes, and roof valleys to direct the water towards the gutters. It is usually a thin piece of metal made of steel or aluminum, but because it’s thin, it can be damaged easily. Flashing can get dented or pull away from the area it is intended to protect. If it becomes damaged, water can leak into the home around vulnerable parts of the roof.

Damage from Ice

During the winter, ice dams can form near the gutters. This occurs because the warm air escaping from the home melts the snow near the roof. Water flows under the snowpack and refreezes, which creates an ice dam. Water trapped by an ice dam will get under the roof deck and soak the wood, causing wood rot, which causes the wood to warp. When it gets bad enough, water can get into the attic and cause mold and damage the drywall.

A Sagging Roof

If minor problems add up, it can lead to a sagging roof. When shingles have failed and continue to leak, water will rot the wood deck that supports the roof. The roof will develop a small sag at first. Water will pool in this area, causing further damage. At this point, the damage is not only just the shingles but also to the roof trusses and sheathing. If the roof is not repaired, this could lead to the roof collapsing.

Animals in the Attic

Animals or critters that have gotten into the attic indicate that there is a hole or crack somewhere in the roof. The larger the critter, the larger the hole in the roof. But, the hole doesn’t have to be big. Bats and mice can fit into holes as small as a quarter of an inch.

Year after year, your roof goes through heat waves, snowstorms, hail, wind, and rain. That adds up to a lot of abuse the roof has to take. You should have your roof checked at least once per year and look for signs of damage that can compromise your roof. If there is any damage, you should have a roofing repair company repair the damage before your roof fails.

A roofing repair company can inspect and repair any problems in your roof before small problems become big problems.



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