Tips for How You Can Make Your Music Build More Emotion

As the language of the angels, the power of music transcends our limited terrestrial understanding, but we can feel the emotion radiating from the sound waves to a certain degree. Music can inspire a wide range of emotion, from love to hope to desperation to rage. Many of us find comfort in these lyrical rhapsodic outbursts and want to bleed the music for all its worth. This article will provide four tips on making your music build more emotion when you listen to it.

Listen on Vinyl

The large majority of music aficionados think vinyl creates more authentic sounds than digital recordings, and the science of music seems to back up that theory (although people still breathe life into the debate).

Manufacturers use analog technology to create vinyl, which generates the warmth (a combination of low-frequency and mid-range sounds) and richness qualities that make vinyl sound so unique. The richness refers to the increased euphonious nuances from the vinyl’s needle entering the grooves on the vinyl disc. Vinyl also generates fuller notes since the vinyl holds more information. The digital recording process can’t recreate these subtleties, smoothing the edges of the sound.

Improve Acoustics

When you experience music in an environment with improper acoustics, it will result in a distorted sound that overpowers the increased caliber of sound you get from your vinyl record. Some common acoustic-related sound quality fumbles include reverberation, reflections, and standing waves. You can recognize good acoustics when you notice subdued, almost nonexistent, background noise and no echo.

Play Appropriate Music For Your Mood

Listen to your current mood and embrace it when making your music selection. If feeling sad, listening to sad music can allow you to release the fervor inside of you through the song. Since we all have a personalized relationship with music, go off how a song makes you feel as opposed to what reaction most people associate with it.


Complete the entire experience by decorating your listening room with relevant décor and lighting. Blue lights and sentimental keepsakes work well with sad music.

If you want to create a spooky vibe to listen to your horror vinyl collections, bust out the Halloween ornaments and turn the lights low. You can even put on a violent horror movie (on silent). Sometimes, a dramatic juxtaposition can produce a similarly effective result if you dare to be different.

Music is all about telling stories and creating emotion. You can use these tips to help capture emotion while listening to your music.