Tips for Making Your Demolition Business More Environmentally Friendly

Anita Ginsburg
2 min readJan 16, 2022

Your demolition business may be financially struggling under the weight of wastefulness. Demolition crews often don’t properly organize, sort, and utilize the many materials they cart away from sites. By implementing more eco-friendly habits in your business, you can save money, impress potential clients and better protect the environment.

Fully Utilize Demolition Materials

When planning the work for a demolition site, make plans for all the materials that will be gathered. Concrete, electrical fixtures, gravel, and other materials can be sorted and reused in future projects, either by you or other companies.

A mobile screening plant is a great tool that can be used to sort materials needing to be recycled or reused. This helps you sort through materials faster and more easily. Fully utilizing as much as possible saves you landfill fees, time and money in future projects.

Communicate Digitally

Moving your business’ communications online will save printing costs and limit how much paper is eventually tossed. Using online platforms and software makes it easy to keep everyone on the same page and minimizes communication and timeliness issues. Clipboards, contracts, and other things can be lost in the shuffle between demolition sites. Digital access to all necessary forms ensures everyone is always on the same page.

Moderate Water Usage

The construction and demolition business is infamous for wasting water on project sites. This is especially harmful in areas of the world experiencing droughts. By minimizing water usage, your business is less likely to leave harmful sluices behind and has less of an impact on the environment.

Source Eco-Friendly Material Alternatives

Investigate eco-friendly materials that can help your business build more sustainable structures while properly recycling and reusing materials from demolitions. Many clients are looking for alternatives from regular paints, insulations, and building materials. You can draw in more clients while improving the environmental impact of your business.

Work With Local Suppliers

Working with local suppliers and businesses minimizes how far expensive trucks and machinery have to travel to a site. Sourcing locally keeps the wealth and labor in the neighborhood, encouraging local business growth. You’ll develop beneficial relationships in the area while ensuring your deliveries arrive promptly. Improving your carbon footprint is essential to developing sustainable and substantial eco-friendly practices.

Your demolition business could greatly benefit from becoming more environmentally friendly. You’ll save money and time in the long term as well as gain new clients due to your accessible and applaudable practices. Every demolition business can improve its impact on the environment.



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