Working With Foreign Clients? How to Make Sure Your Data Is Accurate

Anita Ginsburg
2 min readJan 13, 2022

Foreign clients are challenging for many businesses, especially when it comes to data. When you work with a foreign client, they may not speak your language or understand your culture, and you may not understand theirs in turn. This can lead to major misunderstandings and confusion over what information is accurate and what isn’t. Here are four tips that will help make sure the data you’re working with is accurate when you’re working with foreign clients.

Know Your Data and Where It Comes From

You should know where your data comes from and what it means with any kind of information. If you don’t, you won’t clearly understand how accurate it is. For example, suppose you log into an account with data coming from several different websites. In that case, the information might not match up exactly because there are slight differences in how each website presents the information. This means that your data will most likely vary from one website to another, which can affect how you use it for your business.

Have Entity Extraction on your Side

Entity extraction is essential when working with foreign clients because it helps you focus on your business’s most relevant data points. It separates out all of the noise so that you can take a closer look at what’s truly important. It also helps categorize key data elements, such as place, time, or person. Additionally, this software reduces redundancies that could occur due to translation mistakes or other issues. When working with foreign clients, this will increase the accuracy of your data.

Have Your Data Checked by a Third Party

A best practice is to have your data checked by a third party before moving forward with it. A third party can find errors or mistakes missed on the front end, but they are essential when looking at all of your results together. When working with foreign clients, it’s even more critical that you double-check all of your data before moving forward.

Take Breaks When Needed

Working with foreign clients can be challenging and exhausting, which is why it’s essential to take breaks when needed. If you feel fatigued or stressed because of a client and their requests, make sure to step away and take a break. Do something for you and recharge your batteries so you can feel refreshed and come back to the client with a clear mind.

Foreign clients can be challenging to work with, but there are ways you can make sure your data is accurate. Make sure you know where the data comes from and double-check it before moving forward with any decisions. With a little extra work on your end, you’ll have more accurate data soon enough.



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